interweb freedom

(formerly Stop Usage Based Billing)

old & new

old: Stop Usage Based Billing

I began StopUBB to deal with the Usage Based Billing issue, which was being actively ignored by mainstream media. One argument in favor of the continued existence of CBC radio Canada is that this was the only news outlet actually covering the issue.

Researching and writing this blog has made me aware of many technical issues. Along the way I learned and wrote about a number of other topics, which included sharing advice about technology and internet freedom.

interweb freedom

Since the UBB issues resolution, I’ve re-branded this blog into interweb freedom and begun the techDITZ blog to share random bits of tech advice to other netizen learners.

Since it’s considered bad form to take things offline, everything will stay for posterity.


The Internet is brilliant and important, and it’s changing the world in revolutionary ways. Much is good, but there is bad, too, and the mainstream media simply isn’t covering a lot of it, possibly because the traditional ways are threatened.

I’m really a self publishing fiction writer, but there are times when it’s important to contribute to the growing pool of the Internet’s citizen journalism.

You can send me email at

Re-used Work

When I’ve incorporated the words or pictures of others here, the work retains its original license.

Original Work:

To the extent possible under law, Laurel L. Russwurm
has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Stop Usage Based Billing.

This work is published from Canada.

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