interweb freedom

(formerly Stop Usage Based Billing)

The Internet Needs to be Free

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on July 18, 2012

Like Spiderman*, the new Batman movie illustrates the world that copyright maximalists want us to live in: one where we watch the same handful of movies over and over again. Less competition and tighter corporate control means the culture industry makes more profit.

The Internet Defense League is a network of people and sites who use their massive combined reach to defend the open internet and make it better. Because it can sound the alarm quickly to millions of users, people are calling it “a bat-signal for the Internet”.

— EFF: July 19: IDL launches, blasting cat signals all over the internet and in real life

The Internet Defense League's "Cat Symbol" projected in the sky

interweb freedom has signed up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Internet Defense League.

*Spiderman’s most recent release was this year, a mere decade after the previous outing.

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