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Almost time to Dissolve the CRTC

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on November 3, 2009

No Usage Based Billing!

No Usage Based Billing

This is very cool. I should be sleeping but I just had to check my favorite website before clocking out. I usually try to mention this worthy cause in every post,
as well as working it into every other website I leave a comment on the Usage Based Billing topic.

And I have to admit, there has been a growing wave of discontent with the CRTC.

First it was Usage Based Billing (which was the straw that started it all).

Stabbing Windmobile in the back after Industry Canada had given them the go ahead — and taken their money!
(admittedly they were responding to a competitor complaint… funny, the competitors are afraid to compete with wind mobile!?!)
This has has irritated a whole different group of Canadians.

Then this whole fee-for-carriage absurdity….

And of course the interview.

But although I don’t have time even for this mini post I just had to mention this because it was just so cool: is up to 9929 signatures!


Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

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