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Say “No” to UBB – Dec 9 deadline

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on December 5, 2010

CRTC Calls For Comments

No Usage Based Billing

There is apparently a CRTC call for comments about the approval of Usage Based Billing.

Usage Based Billing will dramatically increase the cost of Canadian Internet use. Although our Internet service is clearly in the middle of the pack, Canadians are already paying some of the highest rates in the world. The recession isn’t over but the CRTC has approved Bell’s application for Usage Based Billing. This isn’t about cost, this is about profit for Bell.

“The rates are absolutely atrocious. How the hell are we doing above one dollar for extra usage?
It’s in the thousands of multiples beyond what the costs are.”

Rocky Gaudrault, president of Chatham, Ont.based Teksavvy, an Independent Internet Service Provider
CBC: CRTC approves usage-based internet billing

The CRTC is accepting comments until December 9th, 2010. 

Canadian consumers need to tell them “No!”
Here’s how:

Canadians can register an official comment directly to the CRTC regarding approval of UBB at

Screen shot of the CRTC submission page with “tariff” selected amd a red arrow pointing to it

Click on Next which takes you to the Submit a telecom-related request

This is where you type in the Subject:* box:
File # 8661-C12-201015975 – UBB Call for Comments

Then fill in the comment to let the CRTC know what you think of UBB.

showing the form, with the first box filled in “ File # 8661-C12-201015975 - UBB Call for Comments ” in the first and “ Type comments here ” in the second.  There is also a box to click if you want to include an attachment

This Usage Based Billing Blog is full of information, and everything I’ve written here is licensed CC0, which puts it squarely into the public domain. This means that it is not only free but legal and ethical for you to use ant of the many words I have written about Usage Based Billing in your comments (or anywhere else for that matter.)
Canadian Flag
So I encourage everyone to make a submission. Comments will be accepted until Thursday, December 9th, 2010. All You really have to say is:

“I don’t want Usage Based Billing.”

This is the comment I submitted:

I am a consumer of “third-party Internet access services.”

The CRTC Usage Based Billing approval needs to be rescinded.

1. Usage Based Billing intervenes in the Canadian Internet market allowing one corporation to dictate terms to others. And the Canadian public is the ultimate loser.

Bell’s customers are Independent Service Providers, so if Usage Based Billing is charged at all it should be against the aggregate traffic. Bell’s UBB should not be assessed against end users who are NOT Bell customers.

2. Access
Canadians need access to the Internet, which is why the federal government promises expanded broadband, to get more Canadians online.

UBB as economic traffic management will make the Internet unaffordable to more Canadians. The Internet is not a luxury in a world where school children are required to use it and banks and public utilities seek to conduct all their business online.

3. Real Cost
The real cost of the Internet is the construction of infrastructure, cost of usage is negligible. Yet Canadians pay highest rates for mediocre access. Bell maintains infrastructure instead of reinvestment.

UBB allows Bell to profit by artificial inflation of consumer costs with no benefit. It won’t guarantee infrastructure reinvestment, UBB rewards Bell for bad practice. When will the Federal government be forced to pick up the reinvestment tab?

4. Competition
UBB allows Bell to dictate their competitor’s pricing. This may well transform the Independent ISPs from competitors into unofficial franchises.

There have already been differences in interpretation of bandwidth use between Bell and the Independent ISPs. Before implementation of a UBB scheme Measurement Canada needs to be prepared to oversee it. This is critical since Bell “throttling” artificially inflates bandwidth.

6.Canadian Economy
Canada needs to nurture our Digital Economy, not suppress it. Approving Usage Based Billing as a form of Internet traffic management is extraordinarily misguided.

I had to heavily edit my first try, because the comment box limits the comment to 2000 characters.

Thank you for helping to Stop Usage Based Billing.

[Thanks Robert!]

If you haven’t already, sign the petition. There are only 11396 signatures.

If you have already signed, who else should you be asking to sign?

That’s easy: anyone who uses the Internet.
Because Usage Based Billing will harm not only Canadians, but our Economy.

You can also call or write your MP, MP postal code look-up

Heritage Minister James Moore – email:

Industry Minister Tony Clement – email:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – email:

After all, they work for us, don’t they?

STOP Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

10 Responses to “Say “No” to UBB – Dec 9 deadline”

  1. RobertX said

    I saw 228 submissions on the CRTC website. Good start? By the way, they’re not accepting any more comments.

  2. DarwinSurvivor said

    Minor grammar error

    UBB allows Bell to profits by artificial inflation

    I don’t believe “profit” (used as a verb) should be pluralized.

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