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27 Responses to “UBB #4”

  1. RobertX said

    ACTA is dead.

  2. Robert Yu said

    Hello, guys! Long time no see!

    From what I’ve gathering from the Pro-Internet community, the head of the CRTC, Konrad Von Finckenstein, is stepping down as head this coming January. For better or worse, he’s out of here!

  3. just another bastard said

    For example lets say that they charge UBB about 0.05. Sounds reasonable??? But wait, multiply it by one billion bytes. Then you would get charge of 500,000.00. That’s a lot of nickels. if you don’t believe me, use a calculator.

    The way big ISP telecom corporation are thinking is profits. Plain profits.

    • just another bastard said

      I made a slight error. IN regards to 0.05 cents multiplying one billion bytes, the correct cost would be 50 million.

      the way I see UBB is a gouging users in an extreme manner. Those who occasionally surf the web and mainly check their emails, without streaming media. Their total usage would be around 50GB

      Me I would be happy if the minimum allotted amount is 200Gb. But in realistic terms, 300GB is adequate for an average house. With an added bonus of 200GB in GB monthly insurance.

      if I were an ISP I would account for personal entertainment, security for personal property and number of people in the house hold. And leave way more than plenty for customer’s diversion.

      Let’s face it the internet is already the new media. And it’s already growing and expanding.

  4. RobertX said

    You haven’t touched this page for over a month now, Laurel. Are you alright? Too busy?

    • Yes, I’ve been rather busy with the federal election, switching operating system and self publishing.

      At the same time, Usage Based Billing has been withdrawn, so I’m not sure what direction I’ll be taking this blog when I do have time.

      And yes, I do understand that they are still pursuing Usage Based Billing, just calling it something else and going about it a little differently. And of course the reason for doing that is to make it more difficult to fight.

      • RobertX said

        They’re going to hold a hearing in July for about five to ten days. Then they’ll reach a verdict in November.

  5. RobertX said

    Another fabulous video!

  6. RobertX said

    Bellshit’s Mirko Bibic admitting that they want to crush competition! Again, he actually admits it!

  7. Al said

    I can understand the problems with P2P and piracy, but honestly, usage-based billing is terrible, and 60GB for $30 is absolutely ridiculous for an end consumer. We’re already at the stage of 10Gbps Ethernet on home networking connections, and Bell decides we’re going back to the stone age of the Internet with small usage caps. No way. If you’re going to bill us, the lowest cap should be 200GB, with the higher packages capped at 1TB.

    What about DDoS attacks? Are we going to be billed thousands of dollars if someone attacks our small business servers? Seriously now, where do they draw the fine line in this whole billing concept? 10 years ago, it was easy for kiddies to hit your server with 100GB of data in one blow. At over $1 per GB of over usage, you’re going to need a bank loan to pay your bill when you get hit with 1TB attacks. Ridiculous.

    The CRTC needs to rot in hell with Bell.

    • The problems with piracy are overrated. Most of what they call piracy is personal use. Commercial copyright infringement is more commonly called bootlegging.

      And ironically p2p is the most effective use of bandwidth. it’s very efficient.

      • RobertX said

        Good to hear from you again, Laurel. How do you do?

        People tend to throw around terms, saying personal use is bootlegging too.

  8. […] Johnny Rocket passed this along on the comments page: […]

  9. Johnny Rocket said–ottawa-to-reverse-crtc-decision-on-internet-billing?bn=1

    Looks like the petitions may have worked!

    • Possibly. I learned a long time ago that being told “the cheque is in the mail” may be reassuring, but until it has been deposited and cleared by the bank it isn’t real.

      The situation is more positive, but the reality is that Usage Based Billing has been approved and has passed through the appeals phase with an intact ruling that the Independent ISPs have to implement it by March 1st. That has not changed.

      We’ll have to wait to see what actually happens.

  10. RobertX said

    Liberals join the fight!

  11. CRTC = Canada Rips-off Taxpayers Commission

  12. I can’t believe this!! This is horrible, 25 Gb is nothing. It;s already hard to afford all these services, and bam now we have Usage Based Billing!

  13. RobertX said

    I don’t know if this comes too late, but UBB is approved and implementation starts on March 1st 2011.

    But the fight goes on.

  14. RobertX said

    NDP joins the anti-UBB coalition!

  15. RobertX said

    Found an interesting post from DSLR, titled “I support UBB.”

  16. RobertX said

    Vancouver is in the fight:

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