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Globalive WindMobile Turndown by CRTC

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on October 30, 2009

No Usage Based Billing!

No Usage Based Billing

Industry Canada approved Globalive and took their rather large stack of money– $442 million to be exact– in an auction of government airwaves. Globalive was only allowed to compete for these airwaves after first passing Industry Canada’s vetting process.

Globalive has been busy, putting out commercials, setting up shop, running at least one job fair in Toronto where they were overwhelmed by the massive turnout of job applicants for the start-up. Sure some of it is because we’re in a recession, and people need jobs (which our government only talks about providing) but an awful lot of Canadians strongly believe in what WindMobile is saying. It’s an indescribable luxury to have the privilege to work for a company you believe in.

“Having already received approval from Industry Canada, we are extremely disappointed that the CRTC has come to a different conclusion,” said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman, Globalive Wireless Management Corp. “This is a bad day for Canadian consumers. Canadians deserve competition in wireless and this decision represents a major step backwards.”

— A Bad Day for Canadians and Wireless Competition in Canada

Michael Geist has problems with this ruling.

Even the Liberal Party is calling for action here.

cbcAt last count, 309 Canadians commented overwhelmingly against the decision on CBC online: CRTC says no to Globalive

The Globe and Mail’s hundreds of comments on their stories:

are also overwhelmingly opposed to the decision.

And a lot of those folks have taken the time to head over to where the count is up by more than another 500 signatures on the petition.

TVO Search Engine host Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown, TVO's Search Engine

The inimitable Jesse Brown’s amazing interview with CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein left me even more in the dark about the CRTC’s motives. Clearly Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein has no idea what he is supposed to be doing. Clearly he has no grasp of what the CRTC is supposed to be doing for Canada. Since the man is a former judge you would think that he’d understand the difference between factual evidence and “Bell Canada says…” but apparently that would have been asking too much. From listening to his tone of voice he seems perfectly confident in what he’s doing and saying. Perhaps he really is not aware of the growing anger of Canadians. He’s certainly drawing a lot of fire that would otherwise be aimed at the appropriate government ministries.

So the CRTC doesn’t live in the same world that we do, and obviously things must change. Canadians are starting to get mad.

I for one hope that WindMobile fights this one.

WINDmobileWe can help by following the same methods of making complaints citizen complaints as discussed in my initial Stop Usage Based Billing column.

If it turns out that Globalive loses, Canada owes them an apology for starters. But more importantly, Canada must ALSO refund all of the money that this company has laid out in good faith to start up the business for which they had been given government approval. Assuming they don’t want to sue for damages, at the very least they need to be repaid the initial $442 million, along with interest and a reimbursement of all start-up costs.

I for one hope that it doesn’t come to that. Because Canada surely needs WIND.
9606 signatures

Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

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