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Stop Usage Based Billing Links

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on September 18, 2009

No Usage Based Billing

No Usage Based Billing

I’m reasonably happy with this blog theme except for the links in the sidebars. I’ve put some hard links in the right sidebar, and up until now I’ve been running an rss feed in the left sidebar to try to catch breaking news. But it’s so hard to read and today one of the links escaped and is running into the rest of the page. Ugh.

The only civilized way I’ve been able to figure out to separate the links is to code it by hand. Coding it by hand (oooh, I’m getting to be such a techie…. rofl) It is a lot of work but looks great. It is definitely worth doing to create an index for the Stop Usage Based Billing blog archives. After all the whole point of the SUBB is to provide reference materials. And reference materials are far more useful when they are easily accessed. So that’s done.

There is an increasing amount of off-target stuff cropping up in the feed as well. But I certainly don’t have time to put in the same work for the rss feed. First it was consumed in spam and now it’s escaping the bounds of the sidebar, So today’s post is some of the useful links that would have been a tiny blue blur in the sidebar but today gets to be actual blog content. Whooee!

Today’s Interesting Usage Based Billing Links

It seems Australia is having similar problems:
Stop The Cap

CBC coverage continues:
MTS, small ISP take internet fight with Bell to court

And more from Australia… kind of makes you wonder. In the land of Dudley Dooright our government doesn’t. But in Mad Max land:
Government demands Telstra split

(Thanx Tom!)

That’s it for new stuff for now. I’ll keep you posted.

STOP Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

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