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There has yet to be actual proof that throttling was ever necessary – except as a means of gouging customers

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on December 21, 2011


Bell Canada has announced that it will cease throttling users.

Please note: Bell’s argument for throttling was that it was necessary to keep the Internet safe from brown-outs. Clearly, that is not/was not the case.

Rogers continues to throttle customers Internet usage, and is currently in trouble with the CRTC for violating Internet rules which “rules allow throttling of peer-to-peer file sharing programs like BitTorrent, but not of time-sensitive Internet traffic like video chatting or gaming.”  Because they claimed the Internet was getting too busy, the carriers said throttling was necessary.   Instead of slowing down all Internet traffic, the carrier/ISPs targeted peer-to-peer Internet traffic,  an efficient way of transferring large files online. Yet the CRTC granted the carrier/ISPs permission to discriminate against users who use peer to peer.

uploading and downloading

This isn’t rocket science. When customers pay for Internet service, they should get what they pay for. It is ridiculous that CRTC allowed Bell and Rogers to deliberately degrade their customers service in the first place.

It used to be called fraud when customers were deliberately shortchanged.

3 Responses to “There has yet to be actual proof that throttling was ever necessary – except as a means of gouging customers”

  1. OhNo said

    This is my current hell.

  2. Rob Tonus said

    I thought UBB was dead. Why then did I get a notice from Cogeco telling me I would need to pay more this month if I exceed my monthly allotment? I work from home and need Internet access – this policy is going to kill my business!

    • The Usage Based Billing CRTC ruling that allowed Bell to impose UBB on the customers of the Independent ISPs was struck down. The primary reason Bell argued that this was necessary was so that Independent ISP customers would be forced to cap their customers the same as Bell and the cable ISPs did.

      If your ISP wants to bill their own customers in this way it is a different issue. The CRTC made it clear that any ISP was allowed to gouge their own customers as much as they liked. Although probably as important now as it ever was, the the “Dissolve the CRTC” web page has closed down.

      I myself am a fiction writer, not a technical person, and although I worked hard to familiarize myself with the original StopUBB problem, the issues afoot now are somewhat different, and I simply don’t have the time or energy to learn enough to be able to pursue them. The reason I began a Stop Usage Based Billing page was that it was needed, but no one else was doing it. Perhaps you might want to check with to see of they are addressing the issue currently.

      Regardless, if you are fortunate to live and work in a geographic area where any Independent ISPs exist, I strongly recommend switching. Good luck to you.

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