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(formerly Stop Usage Based Billing)

2 Responses to “Grandfathered UBB”

  1. Genik61 said

    Is anybody really think that Rogers, Bell, and … start this UBB thing to protect light internet users (85%) against heavy internet users (15%)? or plan is to use human nature in some of those light users (most of them have “light” knowledge in internet)to protect there almost monopolies (they have exclusive right to put there wires in our houses) and destroy dangerous competition – independent ISP. Thank you 85%…
    What is next? Those light users will become heavy users and will pay for that, how?
    1. 1GB in internet now and 10 years before it is huge diff., and what will be in 5-10 years: TV, Phone, and many other thing is going on internet and Rogers, Bell understand that they loosing TV, Phone bus. and they looking for way to charge a household max in future.
    2. They can change usage cup to what ewer they want, any time and you became heavy user in second, even now when they have competition (many ISP). For example Rogers internet plans:
    a) Ultra light- $27.99- download speed 500Kbps, Monthly usage is 2GB !!!, additional GB is $5.00 !!! It is for month, but with these speed you can finish these 2GB for 1 hour !? Why they doing it, just to push you to next level to pay more! Again, even we still have small ISP now.
    b) They have 6 int. plans and most expensive is $99.99
    In those $27.99 is everything included (cost, profit and …) but they need more.

    We pay for internet based on internet speed, in Rogers case cheapest is $27.99 and most expensive is $99.99. It is big difference in price, and “heavy” users paying for that.
    And if ISP have congestion in there network they have 2 choices:

    1. Build new modern network, what most developed countries do, or
    2. Sell dial-up internet or 500Kbps and do not sell 25-50Mbps internet.

    UBB is double charging system, it is similar like tomorrow Taxi will have 10 min usage cup
    and after 10 minutes they will charge for kilometers and $5.00 for 1 min add. time, let say because they afraid of congestion in traffic or after 10 min driving they too tired.
    Do they have right to do it, maybe… but we need many, many of Taxi companies and maybe regulation, and hopefully it is never happens.

    250GB today seems a lot, but in future it will be nothing, do not kill competition between ISP, because at the end we and our kids will pay.

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