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Really Bad Connectivity Today

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on October 21, 2009

I have been trying to use the internet all day but have had the worst connectivity ever. My equipment tells me my connection is excellent. I’ve been unable to get in to my blog until now.

No Usage Based Billing

No Usage Based Billing

So, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get this posted or not. I have to go to meet the teacher night so I’ve gotta be quick.

Looks like CRTC ruled that throttling is OK as a “last resort” to deal with (mythical?) internet congestion. Before resorting to throttling, the carriers are advised to look into alternate measures: namely usage based billing and caps.

CRTC press Release

Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-657

Net neutrality: Is the ruling important to you?

CBC Article on Throttling aka CRTC issues net neutrality rules

CRTC delays usage-based internet billing

Off to school to meet the teachers. I have not proofed or previewed, so bear with me. More later (hope I can get back in again).

Oh yes… spread the word… tell people about this:

sign the petition:
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STOP Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

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