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UBB #6

UBB Questions

No Usage Based Billing

Post your questions here, and I’ll do my best to answer them in the blog.

26 Responses to “UBB #6”

  1. […] UBB Questions […]

  2. RobertX said

    I’ve put together a letter and I am prepared to ask some local TV stations to broadcast the issue of UBB.

    Is it too late?

  3. David said

    Is UBB only for DSL (phone line) internet? or does it include Cable internet?

    • This application is for Bell to apply UBB to those who access the Internet through the Bell Gateway Access System (GAS). Currently that would be DSL customers.

      However, the cable ISPs are charging UBB on their own. It’s a way to make it seem as though there is justification for price inflation.

      And of course, if the Independent ISPs go out of business, Canada will be returned to the cosy cable/DSL oligarchy.

    • Paul said

      The CRTC ruled in Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-77 (see points 247-249) that each of the cable ISPs could set their own methods for managing “the potential negative outcome of high-consuming bandwidth end-users”, and that whatever they implement would be applied equally to their own customers, and to the customer receiving service from that cable ISP’s Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) providers (resellers).

      This previous decision was a factor in approving Bell’s request in Telecom Decision CRTC 2010-255 (see point 22).

  4. RobertX said

    If I stream through online radio, do it necessarily increase the billing charge of UBB?

    • Yes. Streaming media, consumes a great deal more bandwidth than text or image based web pages. If the usage caps are low enough, even enough email use could lead to overage charges.

      A very important point is that consumers don’t understand and won’t know how much bandwidth they are using until after they’ve used it and have been billed.

      • RobertX said

        Aren’t there people who use the Internet for web sites and e-mail and not downloading? What will become of them?

  5. RobertX said

    What kind of logic does Bell and CRTC have with UBB? I won’t echo the repercussions since you’ve done a good job with that. It’s just that the logic escapes me even if Bell actually wants to enlarge profits. Does the PR image even bother them?

    I’m not venting – or maybe I am. I just can’t conceive that the government and the CRTC body are letting them do that… what’s the real reward?

    There aren’t too many things that are as alien as this.

  6. RobertX said

    Ah, Laurel. Is it any use to write to Dalton McGuinty,the Premier of Ontario? If so, do you know his e-mail address?

  7. RobertX said

    Do you think this “fight” will be over soon?

  8. richmond said

    #1 are there any “backbone” network in canada NOT affected by BELL
    #2 if so does the ruling by the CRTC apply to them

    • #1 I know that there are some Independent Internet operations in seriously out of the way places, but I don’t know if they are Independent of Bell or not. I will try to find out.

      #2. If they are Independent of Bell’s backbone (wireless/satelite) then the ruling would not apply, as it only applies to Bell wholesale customers.

  9. Paul said

    I have two questions:

    1) Does Bell currently charge its own customers with a Usage-Based Billing method, and is simply seeking permission to extend this to its resellers? Or is it seeking permission to use this model, even with its own customers?

    2) Where does BellAliant fall into this? The two primary ISPs in Atlantic Canada are BellAliant (a merger? of Bell with the previous telco, Aliant, which itself was a merger of the individual provincial telcos), and EastLink (cable provider). Would BellAliant be considered a reseller, is it considered “Bell”, or does it fall outside the scope of this ruling? Knowing this would be quite helpful for rallying local politicians.

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