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Personal Commitments vs. UBB

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on November 3, 2010

No Usage Based Billing

Naturally Usage Based Billing would rear it’s ugly head just when I’m readying my debut novel Inconstant Moon for publication, and outlining the next one, which I plan to write during NaNoWriMo. I’ve been planning all along to keep my blogging to a bare minimum through the month of November. Apparently that isn’t exactly an option.   Thank you CRTC.

CBC: CRTC green lights usage-based internet billing

Still, I’ve been writing the StopUBB blog for well over a year. There is a wealth of information available right here.


This blog is licensed directly into the public domain, because I don’t need credit, I need people to do whatever they can to fight UBB. So you can legally morally and ethically use anything I have written here in letters to Tony Clement and your MP, letters to the editor, comments on blog articles, or in your own blog posts.

To make the website easier to use as a reference, I’ve an Index running down the left sidebar.

Because the Usage Based Billing issue is loaded with jargon, some of which is too new for wikipedia, and because Bell uses some jargon differently than other ISPs use the same words elsewhere in the world, I’ve compiled a Glossary blog post, as well as starting a Glossary II page with words that weren’t covered the first time.

I’ll try to post every couple of days or so…

… but almost always at days end. Initially NaNoWriMio will be very intensive. (Blogging and watching the “copyright pot” — Bill C-32 is in second reading — took most of today for instance, so today my outline still is not finished and I’m behind in my wordcount.   Tomorrow is a catch up day.)

There is a reasonable chance that all StopUBB blog posts during November will be shorter and on single points. Even still, I will be doing fewer and shorter posts than you might expect during this rather important time.

I anticipate that I’ll primarily be answering Usage Based Billing questions, clearing up misconceptions and passing along any new info and advice for strategy through the month.

I’ve also set up two two new StopUBB pages, the first is a place anyone can post UBB Questions I’ll try to answer in the blog. You can also make general comments or pass along information on the fresh UBB Comments page.

any assistance would be appreciated

If anyone wants to put together draft letters to help people write to their politicians, I’ll be happy to publish them here.

If anyone is interested in pitching in with a guest post on any aspect of UBB that’d be terrific.

Back when I was first starting out with this, a shade over a year ago, I extended the same invitation to @mpjamesmoore 😀 … little did I know.

There seems to be a new website called which is hosting an online petition to “StopUBB.”   I don’t know much about it, but in regard to online security issues, if the new StopUBB site is actually being run by the guy, it ought to be perfectly OK to sign the petition.

Help yourself to any information, and I trust that those of you who are not writing novels this month to write letters and spread the word about UBB. Because it is in all of our best interests to stop it.

Just in case you’re new to the subject of UBB, probably the best introduction I’ve written about the problem of Usage Based Billing was the very first blog post I did on the subject in my personal blog, A Disservice to Canada I had just heard about Usage Based Billing and wrote that when I realized that this subject was simply too important, which was what convinced me creating this Stop Usage Based Billing blog was important.

If you haven’t already, sign the petition. There are only 11239 signatures.

If you have already signed, who else should you be asking to sign?

That’s easy: anyone who uses the Internet.
Because Usage Based Billing will harm not only Canadians, but our Economy.

You can also call or write your MP, MP postal code look-up

Heritage Minister James Moore – email:

Industry Minister Tony Clement – email:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – email:

After all, they work for us, don’t they?

STOP Usage Based Billing

STOP Usage Based Billing

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