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(formerly Stop Usage Based Billing)

UBB #3

StopUBB: Spread The Word

Add a StopUBB Web Link to your website or blog

For this small StopUBB png image (on a transparent field)

add the following HTML code to your website or blog:

Or if you prefer to use the larger jpeg StopUBB logo (on a white field)

add the following HTML code to your website or blog:


The Stop Usage Based Billing mini-poster may be printed and posted anywhere.

[prints as an excellent 4×6]

StopUBB Mini Poster

StopUBB Mini Poster

3 Responses to “UBB #3”

  1. kal said

    Hi Laurel
    I myself have a simililar problem, that is being billed for usage that I did not use. I have no idea how they calulate the usage but am determined to find out how. This is too big an area for profit to be made by Bell without any accountability. Please stay tuned to this problem, I am going to start a website to accumulate a data bank of other Canadians that have this problem. My email is , the website will be up within 2 weeks

    I commend you for keeping up this site, I do find it a little cumbersome and hard to navigate, which is why I am posting here on this page.

  2. Robert said

    Some of it’s cut off.

    • Laurel L. Russwurm said

      Just right click and select “View” to see it…
      I made it large so that it should print as a reasonable 4×6.

      I’ll get it set up a little better… off to linuxfest

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