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Je Suis Charlie – Intolerence

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on January 9, 2015

I Understand Kaveh Mousavi is being as fair as anyone in his situation can be when he writes:

Muslim reformists should not deceive themselves into thinking that this extremism is only a tiny minority of “fake” Muslims that is being exaggerated by the hostile colonialists media. While extremists such as these shooters indeed are a minority (though not that tiny) within the Muslim community, they are not the disease, they are merely the symptom of a greater disease that is much more prevalent.

— Kaveh Mousavi, #JeSuisCharlie: Why I Won’t Let the Muslims Off the Hook

hashtag JE SUIS CHARLIEHe goes on to explain his premise that “This disease, in particular, is the Muslim attitude towards blasphemy, and the attitude towards apostasy.” He tells us the Muslim countries condemning the Charlie Hebdo murders all have have anti-blasphemy laws, a big part of what he sees as the root of the problem.

But Blasphemy isn’t just a Muslim thing, it’s a Religion thing.

While I very much agree with Kaveh Mousavi’s call for tolerance, his article is assigning blame for the Charlie Hebdo murders to the whole of the global Muslim community. And I can’t agree with that although I think I can understand where he’s coming from. But then he loses the argument when he absolves the global Christian community of responsibility for abortion clinic bombers, school shooters and serial rapists because they are a minority.

If you are going to engage in the logical fallacy of blaming an entire group for the actions of extremistsIf you are going to blame all Muslims for the actions of a minority of extremists, logic demands you have to blame all Christians for the actions of Christian extremists.  And you can’t.  I just don’t think people can be blamed for things they have no power over.  Besides, to me it seems that changing minds is more effective than blame.  Addressing the real causes.

Charlie Hebdo has paid a big price for free speech. The rallying cry ~ #Je Suis Charlie ~ is meant to stand up for free speech. And yet Free speech is under attack more now than it has ever been.

How can this be?

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